GIS and Remote Sensing

Geofreelancing combines the classic engineering geology with the application of modern, state-of-art methods for finding sustainable solutions to the problems posed to our clients. The services offered include:

  • geospatial analysis of geological and other data
  • development of geospatial databases
  • evaluation of LIDAR data for terrain analysis, evaluation of geomorphological processes etc.
  • evaluation of InSAR data to detect movement due to changes of the geological underground conditions and related processes
  • analysis of multispectral data for exploring geological underground conditions and evaluating problems posed by the changes in vegetation, underground conditions, moisture etc.
  • processing and evaluation of 3-D photogrammetric models in regard to cut-fill operations, terrain analysis, slope stability etc.

GIS and remote sensing analysis extends beyond geological problem solving (e. g. archeology, geotechnics, mining etc.)


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